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Granite Memorial - School Spirit Rock - Monument Rock


Come down to Skyview Stone, and choose your special rock to be engraved or have a plaque mounted on it.

Memorial Rock and Memorial Stone, Dedication Rock or Dedication Stone, Memorial Plaque Stone or Memorial Plaque Rock, Dedication Plaque Rock, Dedication Plaque Stones or Granite Memorial Rocks...... you choose. 

Skyview Stone :  631.544.1038

Email :

Groto Rock
Spirit Rock

Make this nice 7 foot tall Rock come to life with your imagination, picture, name, place or occassion can all be engraved into this rock or a nice bronze plaque could be mounted on it!

School Spirit Rocks can come in all shapes, sizes and colors !

Maybe lay the rock flat creating a huge groto waterfall into your swimming pool or use it a recreational platform - diving board !

Memorial Rock, Rocks for Engraving, Granite Plaque Rocks

Marble and Granite Rock
Variety of Colored Rocks

Find that special rock at Skyview Stone.

Bring your design with you.

A Name, Number, Address, Picture......

Make a cardboard template of the size item you want on your rock, then bring it down to fit on the specific rock or stone of your choice. You choose the Engaving Design Company to bring your rock to life!

Pet Memorial, Animal Memorial, School Memorial, Armed Forces Memorial, Veteran Memorial, University Memorial, College Memorial, Fire Department Memorial, Police Department Memorial, Student Memorial, Company Memorial, Business Memorial, Hospital Memorial, Building Memorial, Class Memorial, Church Memorial or Park Memorial  ...... pick out the right rock for the occasion to preserve the Loving Memory.

Memorial Stone, Memorial Rock, Dedication Stone, Dedication Rock, Granite Memorial Stone, Granite Dedication Stone, Granite Dedication Rock, Granite Memorial Rock

Delivery Service to Your Location is usually available on Long Island

Memorial Stone, School Memorial Rock, School Dedication, NY

Memorial Long Island Rock
Large Glacial Rock

What Design, Name, Number or Picture would you like to see in this Rock?

As a School Spirit Rock this nice piece of granite could be painted for the next school football game !

 This Long Island Rock definitely makes a statement, weighing in probably close to 6500 lbs.

Fireman Memorial Rock, School Memorial Stone, Suffolk County

Large Monument Dedication Memorial Rock
Monument Rock

Oh Yeah ....  This big boy will make a nice Memorial Monument Rock to be Engraved with a Picture and or Words, or have a Memorial Plaque mounted on it. Weighing in at possibly 11,000 lbs.

We have companies which have booms and cranes to put the rock of your choice in that perfect spot!

Westchester Granite
Waterfall Rock

Westchester Granite Rock

5 ft tall, 4 1/2 ft wide, 4 1/2 ft deep

Granite Memorial Stone, Granite Memorial Rock, Nassau County
Manhattan Granite Memorial Rock
Manhattan Granite 3 tons

Large Manhattan Granite Rock great for a Memorial Plaque, 3 tons.

Do you need a rock cut, to place it flat on the floor in an office building ?

Maybe you need the top of the rock you choose, cut flat for a statue or art work to be mounted.

You choose the rock and we set you up with a company with a rock saw to do this work for you.

Granite Monument Rock, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan

How about a Memorial Wood Carving ?

Tell us what you would like, and Frank will do chainsaw carving on a tree to bring your idea to life !   Maybe you have trees which have to be cut down in your yard..... how about a bunch of large animals carved right out of the trees where they are ... that would be some party.

Perhaps have a wood carving created and mounted on a memeorial granite rock.

Maybe a large bear with a lighted mounted on it for your driveway, or a bear set into a waterfall ...

Chainsaw Wood Carving
Wood Carved Bear

When ... Why ... How ... did the people of the world start speaking different languages ?

Genesis 11: 1 - 9

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Skyview Stone & Land Development
2 Old Northport Road
(@ corner of Townline Rd)
Kings Park, New York 11754
Phone: 631-544-1038
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