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Pool Waterfall Rocks
Pool and Waterfall Rocks come in different colors, shapes, and sizes !

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Decorative Landscape Rock - Suffolk - Nassau - Manhattan

Decorative Landscape Rock
Landscaping Rock and Stone

Make an Island Oasis in your yard with Colorful Rock and Decorative Stone from Skyview Stone !

Below is a small sample of the LI Landscaping Boulders and Natural Decorative Accent Rocks. that Skyview Stone offers for your Waterfall, Pool or beautifully landscaped yard.  In addition, we supply Rocks & Boulders for Long Island, Suffolk, Nassau and NY Coastline Properties. Shoreline Management Rock Erosion Barriers & Jetty Rock as well for many State, Cities and Townships. 

As always, Skyview Stone, located in Kings Park, will load your dump truck or trailer no matter how small or large. You can purchase as little as one yard or one ton.  Delivery for all of our products is available.  We can arrange for small or large truck loads and tractor trailer loads.  Buying by the trailer load will always be a big savings for you on Landscaping LI Boulders or Natural Rocks from other States.

Take a look around our website and if you see anything that may interest you please call us or stop by, our location map is on Google Maps - 2 Old Northport Road, Kings Park, NY 11754

Grey and White Rock

Massachusetts Gray and White Boulders Be sure to check out our Massachusetts Gray and White Stone to accent your boulders. These Rocks show Strength and Character.

Glacial Rock
Long Island Accent Rock - Earth Tones

Decorative Accent Boulders in Earth Tone Colors with rounded edges.

Pennsylvania  Red Rock Boulders
Burgundy Rock

Pennsylvania Burgundy Boulders - Is direct from Pennsylvania, just like our Pennsylvania Burgundy Stone (crushed)
This shale stone is a vibrant red - very much like the  Colorado Red Rock Mountain Outdoor Amphitheater . All Natural and Unique, for around your Swimming Pool and Waterfall, build a Red Rock Retaining Wall, or accent the plants and trees.

Maryland Green Rock

Jade Green Boulders - are brilliant green and will add a wonderful accent your landscape.  These boulders look incredible when a blanket of snow surrounds them, or set against Red Stone in your Landscape design at your home.

Black Sparkle Waterfall Rock
Black Angular Rock

Black Sparkle Waterfall Rock - Great for Waterfalls, Retaining Walls, Jetty Rock and simply Accenting your Landscape. This Granite Rock is Naturally Awesome, Strong and Bold in Color. Tell us the size rock, we will save you money by delivering a truckload to your home.

Pink and White Rock

Maryland Rosette - Add bright natural color to your Swimming Pools, Waterfalls, Rivers, Lakes or enrich your Garden or Landscape with the beautiful pink and white colors. This Marble Rock like piece will Brighten up your World one piece at a time!  

Have something your neighbors don't have!

River Rocks - Colorful Boulders - Spirit Rocks - Pond Rocks

Catskill Mountain Lake Rock
Round Colorful Rock Large

Catskill Mountain Lake Rocks - Natural subdued Colors which are round to oval and  with an etched surface texture.  Colors are enhanced when Wet and are great for Waterfalls, Gardens, or along River Beds.  Use as a border for your River Plants to bring out their Natural Beauty. These Rocks have been here from way back, when they used to build Castle Walls. Also they used to form a Circle to make a Fire Pit for Backyard Campfires, a double row together in a Circle, then 1 row on top of them between the 2 rows.

Glacial Boulders

LONG ISLAND BOULDERS   Have a piece of Long Island Sound in your back yard!  These are 1 1/2 ft to 2 ft size LI Boulders.

Natural LI Boulders are born and raised (formed by Long Island sand) on Long Island, left over from the Glacial Till ! 

Sizes range from 1 - 10 Feet in diameter. You can make Granite Rock Retaining Walls with these All Natural Specimens !

Before these Boulders grew up, they were babies, Long Island Stones we also carry in stock for you to view.

Rock and Boulder  Assortment

Waterfall Rock - Landscaping Rock - Wall Rock - Accent Rock

Manhattan Granite Rock
Manhattan Mica Rock

Manhattan Mica - The granite that naturally Sparkles! Wait till you see it Wet....the Silver Sparkle and Charcoal Grey Color are Brilliant! 

Use them as Stepping Stones to your Garden Bed or to build your own Glistening Waterfall which could run down into your Lake or Pool. Stop in and take a look,  the Sparkle will Amaze You. Pick out every Rock individually which "Talks to You" for your Personal Touch to that Special Project. This Rock also comes in 3/4" size Stone. 

White Mountain Rocks
White and Grey Rock

White Mountain Rocks - White with some grey.  These natural rocks love to soak up the sun, the more sun the brighter they will be.  They can be a great accent to a spot in your yard that needs a little sunshine! Also great for Waterfalls and Borders.

This rock is also available in two smaller Stone Sizes, 1/2" & 3/4" for Gardens, Driveways and Flowerbeds.

Nice tall piece of Manhattan Granite: make a vertical waterfall, landscaping accent rock, or a swimming pool dive rock ?

Granite Accent Rock
Manhattan Granite Accent Rock
Beige Granite Round Rock
Round Tan Color Rocks

Natural Amber Granite Rock would look nice in a Waterfall or in your Landscaping !

Catskill Mountain Lake Rock, 3 to 8 inch in size. This Natural Rock is great for a River, Stream, Garden or Waterfall.

Lake Stone 3 to 8 inch
Catskill Mountain Lake Stone Mix Size
Lake Water Fountains

Natural Rock & Lake Water Fountains are nice for relaxing moments. For Natural Garden Rock or Waterfall Rock, come to Skyview Stone and choose the right Rock for You.

Natural Manhattan Granite Table
Manhattan Mica Rock

This Piece of Manhattan Granite Rock makes a nice outdoor table.

Rock and Stone Delivered

Skyview Stone  makes small and bulk deliveries. 

This next load of stone could be brightening up your landscape!

Contact Us  : 631-544-1038

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