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Medical Data First Hand Knowledge

Dentist :

If like my Family you have been hard pressed to find a great Dentist with talent, skill, knowledge, and you can trust........

I found Dr. Mitchell Shapiro in Smithtown, at 373 Rte 111, just North of Rte 347 on the East side of the street.

example: New Year's Eve I broke a big piece of my cannine upper tooth. I called Dr Mitchell's office on Sat I believe and they gave me an appointment for 9am on Monday. I saw Dr Mitchell for the first time, in his office for like 10 min, they took an xray and Dr Mitchell took a gook look at my broken tooth. He told me point blank that the tooth would need a deep filling, within 20 min my tooth surface was like new, with no pain of the needle or work done.  Other dentist I reached out to were to busy to help right away.

Excellent work.

Low Muscle Tone / Hypotonia :

If your child suffers for undiagnosed low muscle tone, as ours did......... after 10 yrs, operations and misdiagnoses from many hospitals and doctors.... we had a 2nd chromosone test done for neuromusclar issues, and new genetics doctor at NYU found the issue, mild case of CMS.

Do yourself a huge favor and ask your doctor about it, and if possible prescribe Albuterol-ER 4mg pill.

Within the time period of taking the first pill (12 hrs) my son took, he could run faster and jump a foot poff the ground, whereas previuosly he could jump 2", improves the signal strength from nerve to muscle.

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