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Skyview Stone

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Skyview Stone & Land Development
Phone: 631-544-1038
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2 Old Northport Road
Kings Park, NY 11754

River Rock Supply - Nassau County - Queens - Brooklyn - NYC


Adirondack River Stone comes from up North, and Skyview Stone stocks 5 sizes of this colorful round river stone.

Approximate Sizes :  1/2" +/- ,  1" +/- ,  1" - 2.5" +/- ,  2" - 3.5" +/- , and Kobbles 4" - 10" +/- .

Also this colorful stone comes in both round and crushed ( 1/2" +/- and 3/4" - 1" +/- ).

All stoneis natural and not washed, sizes are approximate.

river stones

Adirondeck River Stone 1" color in Rain (wet)  - delivery to Suffolk Nassau Queens Brooklyn NY City

river stone

Adirondack River Stone 

Could you imagine creating a lake with your very own waterfall running down into it, with these colorful stones at the bottom, and you are swimming in it with your very own your in a tropical reef. Put some nice evergreens around the area, and you have your own private tropical jungle oasis.

River Stone Supply, Long Island, Staten Island, Bronx, NY


Skyview Stone sells River Stone and River Rock by the yard and Boulders by the ton.

Adirondack River Stone can be used around your swimmimng pool, plants, or in the river from your waterfalls.

If you need less than 1 yard of material, we will sell product by the pound.

river stone crushed

Adirondack River Stone Crushed ( 3/4" - 1" +/- Size )

River Jacks Supply - Nassau - Westchester - Queens - NYC


You can make your own River, in your backyard. 

Using the larger Adirondack River Rock, 4" - 10" +/- size, you can make the border edges of your river, and use the smaller river jacks and river stones as the river bed.

 Come down to Skyview Stone and pick out the Manhattan Granite Rocks (charcoal grey with sparkles), which you would like to see in your Waterfalls. You can make the water flow down your waterfalls and into your river which would go down stream to your pond. 

Place a recirculating pump with an undergound hose from the pond to the top of your waterfalls. Maybe even put some fish in the pond !

River Boulders, River Rock, River Stone, Manhattan, NY City

river stone

Adirondack River Kobbles  4" - 10" +/-, Suffolk Nassau Queens Brooklyn Bronx Westchester Manhattan NY City

Larger River Stone can be used in Waterfalls and River Beds, or placed in concrete making a walkway with face of the stone exposed. These River Stone and River Rocks look great in Garden areas as well.

Adirondack Colorful River Stone Supply, River Rock Supply NY
rounded boulders

Rounded long Island Glacier Boulders 1 foot - 2 foot, Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, Brooklyn, NYC

Long Island Smooth Round Boulders can be used in Waterfalls and to make Retaining Walls, or used as borders.

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Skyview Stone & Land Development
2 Old Northport Road

Kings Park, New York 11754
Phone: 631-544-1038
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"HEBREWS 11:3 ...  By faith - by believing God - we know that the world and all the stars - in fact, all things - were made at God's command; and that they were all made from things that can't be seen."

John 8:12 / John 10:28,29,30 / Revelation 1:8

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